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17 November 2010: Tobias Winright, Oscar Romero, and the Reign of Christ, from The Ekklesia Project.

15 November 2010: Sojourners features an interview with Amy Laura Hall on the genesis and goals of the project as well as some pastoral reflections.

Dr. Hall also appeared on The Nick and Josh Podcast and discussed similar topics.

Steve Thorngate of Christian Century discusses the project, the origins of Reign of Christ Sunday, and the implications of this sometimes awkward feast day for the Church’s witness to the state.

12 November 2010: Interrogation Nation: The baby steps that have taken the United States from decrying torture to celebrating it, from Slate’s legal columnist Dalia Lithwick.
What We Learned from WikiLeaks, a must-read piece by The Nation‘s Jonathan Schell.

9 November 2010: The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) has released this statement on former President George W. Bush’s memoir, in which he discusses his authorization of torture.

Also from the NRCAT, here is their statement on the WikiLeaks documents and the abuse of detainees.

There are no “isolated incidents”, a brief essay by Kara Slade on war crimes and the words used to describe them, in The Other Journal.

Veterans’ suicides and selective conscientious objection, a piece from the Sojourners blog by Logan Mehl-Laturi.

This link also appears in the Blogroll, but here is Rodney Clapp’s article in the Christian Century, Soldiers against torture.

29 October 2010: This article in the Columbia Journalism Review describes the disparity between coverage in the mainstream US press and that appearing in major overseas papers.

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